Careers at Dakota Performance Solutions

About Us

There is so much more we could say, but we want to hear from you. So what are you waiting for?

Why Dakota Performance Solutions?

We used to say we hired “Rock Stars”, but the number of people who showed up in Lycra pants and ripped tank tops was disturbing. We’re laid back, but not all the way to the 80s. 

If you’re hardworking and looking for an environment where performance is valued over simply maintaining the status quo, then you want to work here. We celebrate each person’s accomplishments because we are a team. Regardless of where you start, there is someone here that has been where you are and can give you the support you need to achieve your goals. The work won’t always be easy. When it’s time to shift gears you’ll need to move fast, but we are the best at what we do, and you will love being a part of it. 

We are hiring! 

We are currently seeking experienced sales professionals for our Outsourced Solutions department. This position is located in our Sioux Falls office and handles lead generation for one of our premier clients. Dakota Performance Solutions prides itself on providing skilled, knowledgeable, and professional outsourced sales representatives for clients in need of lead generation support for their internal sales teams.


  • 2+ years of sales experience (B2B or B2C)
  • 1+ years of call center experience
  • Clean criminal background
  • 2 relevant previous job references
  • Positions available for English only, French bilingual, and Spanish bilingual

This position requires attention to detail and as well as the ability to build a professional rapport with our client’s customer base. Pay is commensurate with experience as well as additional language skills and offers bonuses based on monthly goals. If you’re an outside sales representative interested in coming in from the road this could be the ideal opportunity for you!

For consideration, please email your resume and cover letter to hr@dakotaperformance.com.

What else do we have to offer?

For this we’ll just refer you to the people who call Dakota Performance Solutions home:

It is an amazing place to work. The atmosphere here is greater than anywhere I have worked before. I go home happy, and am happy to come into work. The best thing to me is that I am a person here, not a number.  M. Spade (4 years of service)

I choose to work at DPS because it is a great place to work.  The management are great.  They make you feel like you are an integral part of the team.  DPS is place where I feel like I want to come to work. Oh yeah, and they feed you every so often with great food!! R. Linn (8 years of service)

Good people, good food, steady hours, realistic expectations and the casual dress code. Z. Lovaas (3 year of service)

Great relaxed atmosphere, variety of challenges, and let’s not lie the food. M. Hauk (8 years of service)

This place and the people I work with feel more like a home and a family to me than it does a place of employment; and that is something that I have never experienced at any other job. The management team is second to none when it comes to support; they truly care about your success and general well-being. When you work at a place that has such a light and stress-free atmosphere you can’t help but want to show up every day with a smile on your face. C. Haskett (3 years of service)

I like the laid back atmosphere and you can’t beat Koran’s cooking! M. Miller (6 years of service)

At many jobs there is an attitude that once you walk in the door and you shift starts you become a drudge. The best part of working here is that allowances are made for family responsibilities. D. Wheeler (4 years of service)

The people are so friendly and it’s a relaxed environment!   S. Sonju (3 years of service)

All employees, regardless of position, are valued for their contributions.  -A Hansen (4 years of service)

I love the people I work with. They are so supportive and challenge me daily to push my limits and grow. A. Summers (3 years of service)