David H. Mettler, Chairman

Mr. Mettler oversees general business practices and business compliance for all Dakota Performance Solutions entities. As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Mettler’s lends a relevant voice in directing Dakota Performance Solutions in to the Global Business Process Outsourcing Market.

Matthew A. Marnach, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Matt Marnach oversees the general corporate operations, as well as the strategic development of the corporation. Mr. Marnach ensures that resources are appropriately assigned to each project, and supervises the timely completion of all project phases and deliverables.

Mr. Marnach has over 18 years of sales, marketing and management experience focused in the call center industry. As a Certified Telecommunications Professional, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business savvy to projects. Mr. Marnach has developed multi-channel contact solutions for such companies as Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, Citibank, and Wells Fargo. Mr. Marnach has helped clients with all phases of Contact Center management including startup, site selection, equipment selection, recruitment, training and overall business strategy. He has in depth knowledge and experience in workload forecasting, planning, and re-sourcing the Contact Center to meet organizational goals.

Mr. Marnach is CIAC (Contact Center Industry Advisory Counsel) Certified

Koran Peterson, Chief Operating Officer

Koran Peterson oversees the ongoing daily operations of all client-based outsourced campaigns. Mr. Peterson acts as the Executive Program Manager on multiple outbound sales and marketing campaigns, inbound campaigns, and technical helpdesk solutions.

Mr. Peterson earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 1992 and has since spent his career in all facets of sales, marketing, and management. Mr. Peterson has spent the last ten years in the call center industry driving results in the financial, technical, and telecommunications industries. In addition to sitting on the Marketing Advisory Committee at Citibank, Mr. Peterson was awarded the Service Excellence award for his involvement as manager of the Sales Center, where he oversaw hundreds of reps in both inbound and outbound call flows. Having experience with high-tech solutions including ERP, CRM, Disaster Recovery, EFT, Identity Theft, and a variety of other hardware and software solutions, Mr. Peterson continues to develop and implement high-level, multi-channel sales, marketing, and customer care campaigns for companies such as Microsoft, HP, FDIC, Verizon, Metavante, and MasterCard.

Chris McGuire, Chief Information Officer – Compliance Officer

Mr.McGuire is an innovative and highly technical executive. Mr. McGuire has an extensive management track record that includes: strategic growth, business transformation, tactical execution, business process outsourcing and consulting, portfolio, program and project management, process development and improvement, and cost reduction strategy and execution. Mr. McGuire has over 18 years of multidisciplinary IT experience across call center, financial services, training and development, consulting, outsourcing, and manufacturing.  Mr. McGuire’s technology experience includes; software development and implementation, IT governance, IT security, Data Loss Prevention, data center and network operations, telephony, and strategic consulting.

Mr. McGuire earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies and also holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certifications. Mr. McGuire was given the President’s Award at HSBC in 2008 and led the program that was also awarded Microsoft’s “Best Practice” in 2001.

Mary D. Pekas, President of Operations – TII

Mary D. Pekas has over 25 years experience in Contact/Call Centers, consulting and training with Inbound and Outbound outsourcing. Mary is an internationally recognized Contact Center consultant, speaker and trainer, is the published author of three telemarketing texts, Basic Telemarketing, Telemarketing Practice and Applications and Telephone Mastery published by McGraw-Hill and Paradigm Publishing, Inc. She created the unique, trademarked Conversational Soft SellTM Program Approach based on the statistic that 70% of all buying decisions are made after the 5th Contact. This approach is used to customize and implement programs for clients.

Sarah Kuckleburg, Vice President, Automated Services

Ms. Kuckleburg was appointed the Director of Automated Services after having served in various Management positions at Dakota Performance Solutions. Having over a decade experience in the Business to Business and Business to Consumer call center industry, Ms. Kuckleburg brings an unrivaled thought process to the business table. Ms. Kuckleburg provides invaluable contributions to the evaluation and development of operational strategy of the Automated Services Division at Dakota Performance Solutions. Ms. Kuckleburg continues to give back to society as a “Workers on Wheels / Social Services” Volunteer where she humbly accepted the “Planting Seeds of Kindness Volunteer Award”. She also deployed to service as a Red Cross Volunteer during Hurricane Katrina.

Matt Haynes, Vice President, Webinar Services and Event Management

Prior to being named Director of Webinar Services and Event Management in 2009, Mr. Haynes served in Senior Management where he was a liaison between Dakota Performance Solutions and their diverse International Clientele. In his new role Mr. Haynes is leading new strategic initiatives by advancing key relationships with Dakota Performance Solutions partners and clients.

Angela Hansen, Vice President, Performance Management

Ms. Hansen oversees quality and performance for all outsourced campaigns and serves as the liaison between the COO and our diverse clientele.

Ms. Hansen moved to Sioux Falls in 2004 from Denver, CO, where she majored in Marketing – Multimedia Print, and Presentation. In 1992, she began her career in call center management at Sitel Corp in Omaha, NE. From there she progressed through many tiers of management, including managing teams of sales reps, account management, and quality assurance. With over twenty years in the industry, she has managed multiple client campaigns with Microsoft, Allstate, Deluxe, Molina, Finali, and numerous others. Utilizing her decades of experience in quality assurance, channel building, client management, reporting, compliance, and human resources, Ms. Hansen currently provides leadership and white glove customer care to DPS’ outbound lead generation and healthcare clients.

Brian Wollman, Director, Federal Help Desk Services

Mr. Wollman is responsible for all Federal Help Desk activities, including process development for large government entities. Mr. Wollman has over 20 years of Finance and Insurance expierance and has been responsible for the development and training of new hire employees and facilitated their transition to their management team, which included customer service, phone, computer, sales and relationship skills. Verified bank policies and procedures via call monitoring and providing feedback. Scheduled and development trainings for existing employees weekly. Managing the relationship and credit cards of multi billion dollar companies.