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Multi-Channel Call Center Strategy


  • Development of an operational strategy to consistently optimize customer contacts across multiple communication channels: voice, web, portal, fax, email


  • Establishing vision and objectives for call center operational performance & multi-channel integration
  • Developing people, process, technology maps for end-state operation by SLA
  • Developing RCO based implementation plan (rapid and decisive “win strategy”)


  • Maximize efficiency of contact center in handling customer contacts.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a consistent, quality experience via preferred communication channel


  • Strategy and design of multi-channel contact center operation, process, & technology roadmap
  • Implementation plan, including timeline and budget, for phased implementation of MCCC

Assessment Phase Deliverables

Dakota Performance Solutions strategy approach focuses on managing the “Total Experience”of the “Right” Customers, resulting in Profitable Growth
  • Focus on the “Right” customers to maximize their value to YOU
  • Deliver effective, high quality service across all media while being very efficient thus providing high tech-high touch customer service that impacts retention
  • Establish a 360 degree view of the customer to ensure Consistency across ALL functional areas, enabling a Consistent experience driving customer retention