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IVR Design, Scripting & Analysis


  • Identify the right approach based on industry trends to add or improve current Interactive Voice Response solutions.
  • Our design takes into consideration caller demographics to improve utilization rates.


  • Analyses of current IVR menu structure and customer utilization
  • Provide a Cost/Benefit-Risk analysis for this Technology and all Call Center Technologies
  • Evaluation for an on-premise, networked, or Hosted or combination of these for IVR
  • Design of menus for new IVR systems
  • Analyzing customer contact types for automated applications
  • Redesign of menus for existing IVR systems
  • Testing of IVR menu structures for ease of use and navigation functionality
  • Benchmarking like industry data for customer utilization and completion
  • Selection of IVR technology


  • Conduct a complete detailed analysis of current call flows and menu prompts.
  • Compare against industry benchmarks for utilization rates.
  • Analyze customer contact types for volume and frequency
  • Design and redesign menu, structures, prompts and scripts based on detailed analysis, benchmark results and call volume reports.
  • Develop and test menu and scripting design
  • Integrate recommended technology to improve utilization


  • Pareto analysis of current call volumes
  • Application design
  • Guidance for increased utilization
  • Customer Utilization Analysis
  • Scripting & Menu Design and Testing