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Benchmarking, Audits & Assessments


  • Objective analysis of your center’s performance, based on data collected from similar companies in and outside your industry
  • Validated best practices based on quantitative and qualitative analysis


  • Planning and Defining the Research effort
  • Gathering Data
  • Aggregating and Analyzing Data, developing and presenting deliverables


  • Develop an accurate, quantitative understanding of your operational performance in critical areas
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for performance improvement and operational efficiency


  • Report detailing your operations performance against overall peer group and top quartile companies
  • Recommendations for specific areas of focus to improve your performance

Assessment Phase Deliverables

Key questions:

  • Is there an overall opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and operation effectiveness across the client's call centers
  • What tactical "quick hits" will improve customer experience immediately?
  • What is the long-term contact management strategy and supporting business model for the client?
  • What common, global practices and processes should the client deploy to ensure consistent and effective customer experience?
  • How should these opportunities be pursued in order to deliver the maximum benefit to the client while improving the overall customer experience?


  • CRM Visioning and Call (contact) Center Management Strategy including Consolidation recommendations
  • Business Principles and Guidelines
  • Channel Interaction Analysis Report
  • High level 'as-is' Process Flows resulting from Contact Observactions
  • Channel and Funtional Enhancement Opportunities
  • High level Technology Architecture and Roadmap identifying Key Initiatives to support the "To Be" vision and strategy (ROI)
  • Road Map defining tactical and strategic improvement opportunities with suggested sequencing and initial high-level "Accelerated Benefit" opportunites
  • A Conceptual Implementation Plan identifying resources required to implement the recommendations
  • Management Presentation regarding Assessment Findings, including Benchmarks